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Founded as a passion project in 2016, Instinct was born after we began looking to the future and what happiness meant for our family. Rather than grind forty hours a week for someone else until retirement, we decided to start working for ourselves and for our legacy.


By 2017, we were ready to give Instinct everything and make it what it is today.  Instinct has since become our full time commitment to everything that makes us tick!  We thrive on clear communication, craftsmanship, and attention to all of the tiny little details.


Having worked with his hands his whole life, and as a millwright by trade in industry, Brad had acquired skills uniquely suited to managing large projects and diverse groups of people.  Paired with a streak of perfectionism and a bold creativity, it was very clear what we needed to do to hone his skill set and encourage his natural ingenuity.  He wanted work with meaning—he wanted to help people.


Since its inception, we have always wanted Instinct to have a heart.  We always knew that there needed to be a charitable arm to the business in order to remind us what we work so hard for and to remain grateful for everything we have.  After numerous discussions and research into different charitable organizations, we were unable to decide which one would best suit us as a business and as a family.  That’s when our sweet baby Owen made the decision for us.  He was born in 2017 and surprised us with an extra copy of the 21st chromosome.  While it came as a surprise, we were inundated with love and support and just knew that we wanted to give back to the people who had been so instrumental in refocussing us on what is truly important in this life.  Since then, Instinct endeavours to give back to the Edmonton Down Syndrome Society and participated in our inaugural Go21 Fundraising Walk in 2018.


We firmly believe that everyone deserves to feel happy in their space, knowing that it is meticulously executed with their vision in mind.

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